Ravi Kabob is One of the Washington D.C. Area’s Best Restaurants

Ravi Kabob

Ravi Kabob is located on North Glebe Road in Arlington, Virginia.  It isn’t trendy, but it is one of the most reliably delicious meals you can get in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  There is something special about a place that you can rely on to give you great food whenever it is you need it.  Ravi Kabob is the kind of place you can go at any time and know that you’ll be getting a quality meal.   I’ve been to Ravi Kabob for lunch, dinner, and late at night, and every single time I left the restaurant satisfied.

Ravi Kabob Special

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I went to Ravi Kabob for the first time around five years ago, on the recommendation of a friend.  Since then, I’ve eaten at Ravi Kabob more than any other restaurant.  The food is consistently great.  My go to meal is the Ravi Kabob Special.  I always ask for the bone-in Chicken Tikka instead of the boneless chicken.  The impossibly bright red chicken tikka kabob is tender and juicy with just enough spice to keep you on your toes.   The boneless white meat chicken is good, but it just isn’t as moist and flavorful as the bone-in dark meat you get with the Chicken Tikka.  The ground beef kabob is a worthy counterpoint to the Chicken Tikka.  The deep, rich beefiness contrasts the lighter, spicier chicken and keeps every bite interesting.

What Else is Good?

On the side, you get rice, chickpeas, a salad, and fresh tandoori bread.  The chickpeas are Ravi Kabob’s secret weapon.  As good as the kabobs are the chickpeas hold their own and damn near steal the show.  The only complaint is that the level of spice in the chickpeas is often inconsistent, ranging from mild with not much heat at all to levels so spicy they’ll leave your mouth on fire.  I prefer when they are a little spicier myself, but no matter how spicy they are, I finish them every single time.

The tandoori bread is also phenomenal.  The bread is warm and soft with a slight crisp from where the loaf is pressed against the side of the tandoori oven.  They bake every loaf fresh as the rest of the meal is ready to be served.  Be warned, if you order your food to go the bread will not make it home. When you smell the warm, freshly baked bread waft through your car you’ll take a bite.  Once you take that bite, you’ll finish the entire thing.

What Else You Should Know

I truly believe that Ravi Kabob is one of the best restaurants in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.   There are a few things you need to know before you go.  This isn’t a place you’d take a first date.  The parking lot is a pain in the ass.  The restaurant is often crowded, making it nearly impossible to find a comfortable place to sit.  The service takes a little longer than it probably should, and they only accept cash.  Bottled water and canned soda are the only drink options. However, the food at Ravi Kabob is good enough to overcome the negatives. Just remember to hit the ATM before you go.


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